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Answers to frequently asked questions about the Bot.gg approval process, review verification and more.

How do I get my bot approved?

For your bot to show up on Bot.gg’s Explore page you’ll first need to submit your bot to Bot.gg. Once you’ve done that, join the Autocode Community Discord and use the slash command /submitbot [your bot’s url]. For example, /submitbot https://bot.gg/spectre.

Once submitted, our team of reviewers will then test your bot to ensure that it meets the requirements to be showcased on Bot.gg. You’ll receive updates on their progress in the thread that is automatically created when you submit your bot.

What criteria are Bot Reviewers considering when reviewing bots?

Our bot reviewers test all bots before approving them. In general, they’ll consider:

  • Whether the bot contains any age-restricted, malicious or illegal content
  • Whether all advertised functionality of a bot works as intended
  • Whether the bot is requesting permissions which make sense

However, this list isn’t exhaustive and reviewers may reject a bot for other reasons. In all cases, if your bot is rejected you’ll be automatically DMed feedback on Discord with changes you should make if you’d like to be approved.

Do I need to get my bot approved?

If you just want a Bot.gg link to share with your friends then you don’t need to submit it for approval! However, if you’d like people to be able to discover your bot via Bot.gg without you sending them the direct link then you will need to submit it for approval.

My bot was rejected. Can you please reconsider it?

If your bot is rejected, you’ll automatically receive feedback on what to change via a Discord DM. Once you’ve made the requested changes you’re welcome to resubmit it for approval using /submitbot again.

How long does it take for my bot to be reviewed?

We review every bot as quickly as we can, however review times may vary. You can always see what stage of the bot review process your bot is currently at by checking the thread that is automatically created when you use the /submitbot command.

What is a verified bot?

Bots with the green verified tick () next to their name are bots which are built using Autocode. Autocode is the fastest way to build a Discord bot for free, and lets you build bots without worrying about servers, sockets or reconnections.

Do I have to build my bot with Autocode to submit?

You do not need to build your bot with Autocode in order to be considered for approval, however there are key advantages to this, such as automated stats and verification.

How do I get my bot featured inside the Featured Bots, New & Rising and Popular Bots sections of the homepage?

These categories are curated by the Autocode Staff Team and Bot.gg’s Bot Reviewers. The best way to be featured in them is to submit high quality bots and be active within the Autocode and Bot.gg community.

Where can I get help with my bot / my listing / etc.

For any specific questions you might have, about building bots, or the review process, your listing, or any issues whatsoever with the site, please join the Autocode Community Discord server. Our staff will be happy to help answer your questions!